#SIMPLYTEMPTRESS but one man-woman coz I Love the way I Love.. :*

#SIMPLYTEMPTRESS but one man-woman coz I Love the way I Love.. :*

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Thursday, March 15, 2012



AS for the previous day of my life.. i  found out something.. i don't know how to explain this but i know that's exactly what my feeling is.. as my 19 years of existence, this kind of situation really composing questions to my part,.. i really don't know how to explain this but this statement is for sure ! i did stressful things but having relationship with someone? I don't think i can handle it.. but i am really enjoying the feeling that i am love by him.. but sometimes there was an instances that comes on my mind that i am really " bad handler" of relationship !! i felt like i am "always right but at the end i couldn't admit that what i am fighting for is really a "no point" adjudication as in invalid reason!! ..

 you know what simply temptress is??..
 its really hard if nobody knows what you're going through because it really affect your very soul :(( for the girl like me that always fighting for a wrong reason.,, i will rather help myself.. like listening to my heart and also in my mind.. because our hearts together with mind really means a lot !! if we listen to our mind only it will be the end of a good relationship between you and your love one :*

AS for the continuation of what i am talking for.. sometimes, lack of time for each other is one of the factor that make one relationship ends,, why ?? because both of you practicing not to be on each other.. haha ;D are you getting my point??.. that's true !! but if you are open minded enough you will know and you will understand that thing! Though both of you are busy, please stay committed! good communication and bonding! Stay intimate :)

AS the author of this blog.. i just want to add some ideas that will help strengthen your relationship.. the sweetness of your presence and the sizzling combination of the two of you will make your relationship lasts..

AS the ending statement of mine.. i would like to thank if somebody will be reading my thoughts.. because i will really appreciate that :))
I love composing ideas like this.. but it depends on the topic.. i really enjoy sharing but it depends on the situation.. i know exactly, a woman like me could help releasing bad feelings through writing, blogging or composing of whatsoever things on earth.. tahaha

So much APPRECIATED  if you do red this .. thanks a lot.. for the next time again..

It 's not automatic that after i release my emotions here that i was already relievd!!! it's a big "NO" "NO" !! aha!! because it's just my another way of lessen what i am carrying inside .. for that's the only way i could tell to myself that sometimes i am not right because i really understand things:'(((


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